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From the sharp increase in the number of illegal entry into the borders European Union, a Commission was created to deal with this migratory crisis. One of the proposed measures was the reinstatement of 120,000 people who have manifestly need to be internationally protected in this


For several months the Greek non-governmental organization ARSSIS has been supported this program to launch a housing support strategy for families of refugees who are in precarious situation in Greece, living in refugee camps, on the street, etc.


The objective of the program is to help temporarily settle in furnished apartments for 600 immigrants. Up to now 300 people they have been reinstated throughout the country. Each family is entitled to a card to food and medical expenses, with a maximum duration of twelve months. The
families take this temporary help to process the papers that will allow them continue on its way to other countries, mainly in northern Europe, as Germany, Ireland, Belgium ...


With these photographs I wanted to open a dialogue between those who arrive, those who stay
and those who leave. It is about redefining the word "equality". 



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