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My maternal grandmother started losing her memory a few years ago after a pool accident. At first her memory loss was not very noticeable but as time went by her illness worsened. Now she remembers well her youth but she has a lot of trouble creating new memories. It is as if time has stopped for her.


This photographic essay is inspired on the principles of Ars Memorativa. It is the result of the encounter of a personal experience, (living with my maternal grandmother for five years in her home in Mexico City) with the juxtaposition of various materials from the family archive (album photos, poems, postcards...).


Three years ago my grandfather died, this accelerated the loss of my grandmother's memory. They shared their life together. They were inseparable. I decided to build this photographic essay from their epistolary relationship. Their letters spoked of love, of their life, of their dreams. But also their quarrels, their sadness. Through their letters I found their story. 


I sought to explore the mechanisms of the memory by merging these materials I had found with the documentary work I had been doing since 2015. The materials I found in my family archive became detonators in the process of reconstruction of my grandmother's memory but they also helped me create my own. 


With this project, I wanted to explore the diversity of the mechanisms of memory and get closer to the process of destruction and reconstruction of it.


What we call memory, belongs inseparably to oblivion. We need to forget in order to learn and create new memories.


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